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Centre for Law, Technology and Society Université d'Ottawa / University of Ottawa



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Public Works Canada

PST2010 Research Conference
Privacy, Security and Trust by Design:
PbD - The Gold Standard

Innovation Day at PST2010 
Leveraging ICT to Address the “Hard Problems”
in Public Safety and Security

August 17-19, 2010
University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Keynotes * Panels & Invited Talks * Networking Reception
PST2010 Research Poster Session * PST2010 Workshops & Tutorials
Refereed PST Research Papers * Conference Banquet

PST2010, the eighth annual international conference on Privacy, Security, and Trust (PST) will be held August 17-19, 2010, on the University of Ottawa campus in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

PST2010 has two major components: a one-day symposium (Innovation Day, August 17) and the PST Research Conference (August 18-19). PST2010 is organized by the University of Ottawa (UO) and the University of New Brunswick (UNB) in cooperation with the National Research Council of Canada Institute for Information Technology (NRC-IIT), the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC), and the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance). The IEEE Computer Society is the technical co-sponsor.
Innovation Day (August 17) will feature keynotes talks by Terry Matthews and Ann Cavoukian, panel discussions, workshops & tutorials, the PST2010 Research Poster Session and the PST Networking Reception. The theme for Innovation Day will be Leveraging ICT to Address the “Hard Problems” in Public Safety and Security. The panels will feature experts from industry, government and academe addressing the theme. We will also offer four workshops/ tutorials during Innovation Day:

  • Biometrics – Enhancing Privacy, Security and Trust through Privacy by Design
  • Botnets
  • Useable Security
  • Dwindling Consumer Trust in Online Transactions – Causation, Implications and Treatment

The PST2010 Research Conference (August 18-19) will feature keynote talks, the presentation of refereed research papers and the conference banquet.

Innovation Day Agenda (Tuesday August 17)

8:00                 Breakfast and Registration (Plenary)
8:30 – 9:00     Welcome and Official Opening (Plenary)
9:00 – 12:00   Innovation Day: Leveraging ICT to Address the “Hard Problems”
                         in Public Safety and Security - Part 1 

9:00 – 10:30

Keynote: Sir Terry Matthews, Chairman, Wesley Clover

10:45 – Noon

Panel #1: Policy, regulatory, legislative and societal issues
 Bill St. Arnaud - Sensor Nets
 Alex Langshur, CEO, PublicInsite - Social Media
Public Safety Canada

9:00 – 12:00    Morning Workshops


Workshop #1 Introduction to Usable Security


Workshop #2 Botnets


10:30               Refreshment Break
12:00 – 1:30   Luncheon and Keynote - Ann Cavoukian, IPC Ontario (Plenary)
1:30 – 5:30     Innovation Day: Leveraging ICT to Address the “Hard Problems”
                         in Public Safety and Security - Part 2 


Panel #2: Nature and scope of  today’s enabling technologies 
Dave McMahon, Bell Canada – Cyber Security Threats
Sonny Landhal, Amita Corporation
Darrell O’Donnell, CTO, Black Coral
Chris DeJager , CAE Inc.


Panel #3: Landscape scan of disruptive technologies  
Joel Martin, NRC-IIT
Lance Valcour, CPRC - Interoperability
Jean Luc Berube , CRC
Hussein Mouftah, U Ottawa – Optical Networks


Panel #4: Collaboration - bringing it all together for maximum effect 
Mark Williamson, DRDC
Kevin Wennekes, CATA
Tony Rahilly, IRAP
Bill Munson, ITAC

1:30 – 5:30      Afternoon Workshops


Workshop #3 Biometrics: Enhancing Privacy, Security and Trust through Privacy by Design


Workshop#4 Dwindling Consumer Trust in Online Transactions – Causation, Implications and Treatment



3:00 – 3:30      Refreshment Break
5:30 – 7:30      Poster Session and Networking Reception (Plenary)

 For more information please contact:

Greg Sprague
Fredericton, NB, Canada

Mark Williamson
DRDC Centre for Security Science
Ottawa, ON, Canada


Short Biographies

Bill St. Arnaud, P.Eng.

36 Bower St                                                                                                        
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5M9                                                                                  
613 797 8423 

Bill St. Arnaud was the former Chief Research Officer for CANARIE Inc., Canada's Advanced Internet Development Organization. At CANARIE Bill St. Arnaud was responsible for the coordination and implementation of Canada's next generation optical Internet initiative called CA*net 4. He was also instrumental in developing Canada's cyber-infrastructure strategy linking together advanced networks, high performance computing and instrumentation to enable a new generation of eScience. He was the principal architect of the User Controlled LightPath technology applying Service Oriented Architecture to allow users to create their own Internet network and cyber-infrastructure solutions.
Currently he is involved with a Green IT broadband and cyber-infrastructure initiative to build a "zero-carbon" next generation Internet and to work with clients to identify new business opportunities in a future low carbon economy. These projects are intended to help reduce global warming by reducing CO2 emissions at universities, businesses and society in general through the use of ICT and networks. He is working with various R&E networks and industry partners around the world to develop new Green IT revenue strategies and to explore how these networks can become the linchpin of building a low carbon economy. In pursuit of these objectives he was successful in developing several research partnerships in green cyber-infrastructure and networking between Canadian and Californian universities under the CCSIP program. As well he is working closely with several international R&E networks and industry participants to explore the development of a next generation wireless “5G” network that will provide a national, if not international low cost, green cell phone service for students and faculty that will be seamlessly integrated with today’s R&E backbone networks.
Previously Bill St. Arnaud was the President and founder of a Toronto based network and software engineering firm called TSA ProForma Inc. TSA was a LAN/WAN software company that developed wide area network client/server systems for use primarily in the financial and information business fields in the Far East and the United States.
Bill St. Arnaud is a past and present member of various committees and boards including the Board of Trustees for ISOC, NomComm committee for ICANN, the UKlight Steering Committee, the GLORIAD policy committee, Neptune Canada DMAS Committee, Globecomm Fellow and the GLIF policy committee amongst others. He has also participated in many NSF, CFI, EC and NSERC project review and strategic planning committees.
In 2002 he was featured by TIME Magazine Canada as the engineer who is wiring together advanced Canadian science. In 2005 he won the World Technology Summit award for Communications. In June 2010 he received an Honorary Doctorate of Science from the University of Athabasca in recognition of his contribution to the advancement of research and education networking in Canada and his leadership in promoting Green ICT for a low carbon economy.  He is also the recipient of the ORION Leadership Award for 2010. Bill St. Arnaud is a frequent guest speaker at numerous conferences on the Internet and research and education networking. He is a graduate of Carleton University School of Engineering.
Professional Preparation

  Carleton University (Ottawa)


 B. Eng., 1974

 Carleton University (Ottawa)


 M. Eng. (ABD)

Professional Appointments




 Chief Research Officer, CANARIE Inc. At CANARIE, St. Arnaud  led the development, coordination and implementation of the world’s first national optical R&D Internet network, CA*net3. He was also the chief architect of CA*net4.


 Project Director, Vision 2000


 Consultant for a number of high-tech startups


 President and Founder, TSA Proforma


 Project Manager, Motorola


 Consultant and Chief Engineer, Switzer Engineering

Some sample Publications
Mathieu Lemay, Kim Khoa Nguyen, Bill St. Arnaud, Mohamed Cheriet, Convergence of Cloud Computing and Network Virtualization: Towards a Neutral Carbon Network, IEEE Communications Magazine, November 2010

Bill St. Arnaud, Larry Smarr, Jerry Sheehan, and Tom DeFanti, Campuses as Living Laboratories for the Greener Future, Educause Review, November 2009

Hanxi Zhang, Michel Savoie, Scott Campbell, Sergi Figuerola, Gregor von Bochmann, Bill St. Arnaud: Service-Oriented Virtual Private Networks for Grid Applications. ICWS 2007: 944-951

Eduard Grasa, Sergi Figuerola, Albert López, Gabriel Junyent, Michel Savoie, Bill St. Arnaud, Mathieu Lemay: Articulated private networks in UCLP. Internet Research 17(5): 535-545 (2007)

Hanxi Zhang, Michel Savoie, Jing Wu, Scott Campbell, Gregor von Bochmann, Bill St. Arnaud: Service-oriented Layer 1 Virtual Private Network for Grid Applications. GCA 2005: 106-111

Bill Allcock, Bill St. Arnaud, Tal Lavian, Bill Johnston, Philip M. Papadopoulos, Masum Z. Hasan, Wes Kaplow: Impact of Grid Computing on Network Operators and HW Vendors. Hot Interconnects 2005: 89-90

Jing Wu, Michel Savoie, Scott Campbell, Hanxi Zhang, Gregor von Bochmann, Bill St. Arnaud: Customer-managed end-to-end lightpath provisioning. Int. Journal of Network Management 15(5): 349-362 (2005)

Bob Dobinson, René Hatem, Wade Hong, Piotr Golonka, Catalin Meirosu, Erik Radius, Bill St. Arnaud: Transatlantic Native 10 Gigabit Ethernet Experiments: Connecting Geneva to Ottawa. HSNMC 2004: 108-119

Thomas A. DeFanti, Cees de Laat, Joe Mambretti, Kees Neggers, Bill St. Arnaud: TransLight: a global-scale LambdaGrid for e-science. Commun. ACM 46(11): 34-41 (2003)

Raouf Boutaba, Wojciech M. Golab, Youssef Iraqi, Tianshu Li, Bill St. Arnaud: Grid-Controlled Lightpaths for High Performance Grid Applications. J. Grid Comput. 1(4): 387-394 (2003)

Jing Wu, J. Michel Savoie and Bill St. Arnaud,Functional Requirements of Peer-To-Peer Optical Networking,28th European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC 2002)    Copenhagen, Denmark    September 8-12, 2002

Jing Wu, J. Michel Savoie and Bill St. Arnaud,Peer-To-Peer Optical Networking: Architecture, Functional Requirements and Applications, IEEE International Conference on Networking (ICN 2002)    Atlanta, GA, USA    August 26-29, 2002

Jing Wu, J. Michel Savoie, Alex Vukovic and Heng Hua, Architecture, Routing and Signaling of Peer-to-Peer Inter-Domain Optical Networking, National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference (NFOEC 2002)    Dallas, TX, USA    September 15-19, 2002

Jing Wu, J. Michel Savoie, Alex Vukovic and Heng Hua,Control of Multi-Domain Lightpaths in Peer-to-Peer Optical Networking,  IEEE LEOS Summer Topical Meetings (All-Optical Networking: Existing and Emerging Architectures and Applications)    Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada    July 15-17, 2002

Jing Wu, J. Michel Savoie and Bill St. Arnaud,A Comparative Study of Peer-To-Peer Networking in the Internet and Optical Networks    International Conference on Computer, Communication and Control Technologies (CCCT 2003)    Orlando, FL, USA    July 31-Aug 2, 2003

Alex Langshur

Alex Langshur is founder and CEO of PublicInsite, an Ottawa and Boston-based web analytics, optimization and marketing consulting firm. Alex established PublicInsite because he saw a tremendous need for a bridge between those who manage online data within organizations and those for whom the insights arising from the data have the most value.

He brings many years of leadership in IT and eBusiness and has led major web analytics and optimization initiatives for public sector organizations at the international, national and municipal levels, as well as major non-profit, private sector and education organizations. Through this experience, Alex has become passionate about helping his clients understand the meaning and business value within the numbers, and optimizing the connection between each client’s unique vision and marketing needs and the online behavior and desires of its most important stakeholders. In addition to his active role in all aspects of PublicInsite’s operations including research and development, product development and client-side activities, Alex is focused on maintaining a strong PublicInsite team that shares his vision for giving a human dimension to online data.

Alex is a sought after speaker and is the President of the Web Analytics Association (WAA), on the Advisory Board of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, and a Board member of LEAD Canada. He teaches highly rated courses on web analytics for GSA Web Manager University and WAA Base Camp, and has been frequently published in journals and magazines. Alex lives in Boston with his wife, two sons and golden retriever.


Dave McMahon
Bell Canada

TOPIC: A special briefing of national intelligence estimates for the current Cyber threat to Canada based upon evidence-based analytics gathered directly from the Internet core over the last 12 months. The brief will also cover the enterprise security architecture model used at the 2010 Olympics to successfully combat persistent, sophisticated, country-crushing attacks.

BIOGRAPHY: David McMahon has an honours degree in computer engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada and has spent the last 25 years with the military, intelligence and security community both in the public and private sectors. Dave is a widely published author on the subject of the Cyberthreat, and proactive cyber defence. Dave McMahon is currently an adviser for National Security programs in Bell Canada.

Sonny Lundahl

VP, R&D for AMITA Corporation
Sonny Lundahl has over thirty years of building IT systems.  He has extensive expertise in Information Technology project management, design and deploying software Applications. 

Mr. Lundahl together with two partners founded AMITA and has overseen the creation and technology growth of AMITA Corporation as an international company providing IT services, innovation-based research projects and commercial software products that focus on public safety and emergency management security solutions. AMITA serves the requirements of government, health care, and public safety and emergency management agencies in the areas of counter-terrorism, IED, surveillance, mass casualty triage and CBRNE incidents.


Darrell O'Donnell
CTO and Executive VP

Darrell coordinates Black Coral's engineering and development efforts. He is responsible for providing technology vision, managing and leading software development, and technology acquisition at Black Coral Inc. Darrell has deep expertise in applying technology for incident management and situational awareness, particularly with integrated mapping/geospatial capabilities. Systems that he has created have been used to prosecute well in excess of 100,000 incidents worldwide for military and homeland security customers.

Prior to joining Black Coral, Darrell was a founder at Digital Space Systems, which was acquired by EMS technologies (NASDAQ: ELMG) in 2000.


Chris DeJager, B.Sc., MBA
Director, Global Business Synergy and Optimization
CAE Defence and Professional Services
Phone: 613-247-0342 x 2233
Cell: 613-295-6643
Fax: 613-271-0963

Mr. Chris DeJager is the Director, Global Business Synergy for CAE Professional Services. Mr. DeJager has been involved primarily in geospatial interoperability and emergency management systems and programs, and leads the Public Safety and Security group for CAE. Mr. DeJager holds a B.Sc. in Biogenetics for York University, a post-graduate degree in Cartography from the College of Geographic Sciences and an MBA from Ottawa University. Mr. DeJager has held several positions through the GeoConnections Program acting as systems architect and application specialist for the CGDI. In 2005 Mr. DeJager was part of the Canadian Delegation to the UNEP-OCHA 6th annual general meeting in Geneva Switzerland presenting Canada’s Environmental Emergency management System. Most recently Mr. DeJager has been the primary design architect for the Multi-Agency Situational Awareness System and is leading a global team to develop integrated simulation based analysis, training and operational decision support centers around the world.


Joel Martin
Group Leader, Interactive Information
NRC Institute for Information Technology
Phone: 613-990-0113, Fax: 613-990-3908

Joel Martin is a Senior Research Officer at NRC and has been the group leader of the Interactive Information group since 2001. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1992 for a thesis on Machine Learning. Dr. Martin has over 40 refereed publications, has an h-index of 15, received a best paper award, served on the editorial board for an international journal, served on multiple NSERC committees, and participated in multiple research grants.  Dr. Martin's efforts have been recognized by two NRC-level awards and, in 2009, his team received a national award from the Federal Partners for Technology Transfer.

Dr. Martin's expertise includes text mining, machine learning, computational linguistics, information retrieval, Bayesian nets, and probabilistic reasoning. His current work focuses on applications of text mining and natural language processing applied to medical texts.  Dr. Martin's primary interest in privacy, security, and trust is the balance between on the one hand, individual privacy of medical records and on the other the public good and security that arise from research and surveillance of those records. 

Inspector Lance Valcour (Ret) O.O.M.
Canadian Police Research Centre
Program Manager
Canadian Interoperability Technology Interest Group

Inspector Lance Valcour O.O.M. retired from the Ottawa Police Service in February 2010 after 33 years of service and is currently on contract with the Canadian Police Research Centre, part of the Defence Research Development Canada’s Centre for Security Science, where he leads the national interoperability program, spearheaded by the Canadian Interoperability Technology Interest Group (CITIG).

Inspector Valcour has extensive Incident Command, Leadership, Investigative, Strategic Planning and Technology Program/Project Management experience at the national and international levels.  He works cooperatively with numerous national and international strategic organizations such as the Canadian Associations’ of Chiefs of Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services, International Association of Chiefs of Police and the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council, often in a leadership role.  He also works closely with government and non-governmental departments and agencies in both Canada and the United States to effectively plan, lead, support and foster major projects and initiatives, primarily in the information sharing and public safety interoperability fields.

On May 26th, 2010 Lance was invested as an Officer of the Order of Merit of the Police Forces by Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada.  This investiture recognizes Lance's lifetime of achievement, conspicuous merit, and exceptional service to our nation.

Jean Luc Bérubé
Vice President
Broadband Network Technologies Research
Communications Research Centre, Canada

In 2009, Dr. Jean Luc Bérubé joined Communications Research Centre Canada as Vice-President of Broadband Network Technologies Research. Dr. Bérubé brings to CRC an in-depth knowledge of technology R&D combined with over twenty years of experience developing and marketing technology in a highly competitive, business-driven milieu. Dr. Bérubé has a proven track record in managing the human and technological issues inherent in complex telecommunications R&D projects. His ability to foresee client needs, then build award-winning teams to develop solutions, has lead to the launch of new technology and products, and has been key to expanding markets and increasing sales for some of Canada’s foremost electronics firms.

Dr. Bérubé began his career in 1984 as a design engineer with Canadian Marconi Company where he pioneered the use of field programmable gate arrays (FPGA). In 1993 he joined Nortel, leading teams designing advanced telecommunications equipment. With a move to Motorola in 1997, Dr. Bérubé worked closely with both Motorola clients and the company’s product development specialists to ensure that product planning and customer needs were tightly aligned. Motorola captured almost 100% of the market share during this period.

Following Motorola, Dr. Bérubé moved to Altera Corporation as Senior Manager, Field Application Engineering where he oversaw both applications and market development for the Canadian wireless and broadband network communications sectors. His dual focus on building successful teams and product-development driven by a careful analysis of clients’ current and future needs, led to a doubling of Altera’s market share with targeted clients, as well as a doubling of total regional sales, all within a five-year period.

Dr. Bérubé holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, N.B., an M.Sc.A. (Génie électrique, 1987) from Montréal’s École Polytechnique, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (1995) from the University of New Brunswick.

Dr. Hussein Mouftah
Canada Research Chair in Optical Networks
Distinguished University Professor, University of Ottawa
Adjunct Professor, Queen's University

After four years of industrial experience mainly at Bell-Northern Research (BNR), Dr. Hussein T. Mouftah started his academic career as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Queen’s University in 1979. In 1988 he became full professor there and from 1998 until 2002 he was Associate Head for the Department. In 2002 he has been a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair Professor at the University of Ottawa School of Information Technology and Engineering where in 2006 he became a Distinguished University Professor. During his sabbatical leaves, he did consulting work for BNR and Nortel Networks (1986-87; 1993-94; and 2000-01).

Dr. Mouftah has published over 850 technical papers, 6 books and 30 book chapters. To his credit he has 10 patents and 138 industrial reports. He has received research grants and contracts totalling close to $30 million and he has supervised more than 200 highly qualified personnel of which 88 are Master’s and 59 are PhD graduates and 22 are post-doctoral fellows.

Dr. Mouftah has served the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE) Communications Society as Editor-in-Chief of the Communications Magazine (1995-97), Director of Magazines (1998-99), Chair of the Awards Committee (2002-03), Director of Education (2006-07), and Member of the Board of Governors (1997-99 and 2006-07). Also, he is the founding Chair of two of IEEE Communications Society’s Technical Committees (TCs): Optical Networking TC (2002-04) and Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks TC (2005-07). He has been a Distinguished Speaker of the IEEE Communications Society (2000-07).

Dr. Mouftah is the recipient of the 1989 Engineering Medal for Research and Development from the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario and of the 2002 Ontario Distinguished Researcher Award of the Ontario Innovation Trust. He has also received 8 Outstanding/Best Paper Awards (2 at ISCC’2008; ICC’2005; CITO Innovators Showcase’2004; IEEE Communications Magazine in 1993; SPECTS’2002; HPSR’2002; ISMVL’1984), the IEEE Canada Outstanding Service Award (1995), and the CSIM Distinguished Service Award of the IEEE Communications Society (2006). In 2004 Dr. Mouftah received the IEEE Communications Society Edwin Howard Armstrong Achievement Award and the George S. Glinski Award for Excellence in Research from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Ottawa. In 2006 he was honoured with the IEEE McNaughton Gold Medal and the Engineering Institute of Canada Julian Smith Medal. In 2007 he was the recipient of the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) Thomas W. Eadie Medal. Most recently, Dr. Mouftah received the University of Ottawa 2007-2008 Award for Excellence in Research and the ORION Leadership Award of Merit (2008). Dr. Mouftah is a Fellow of the IEEE (1990), Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering (2003), Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada (2005) and Fellow RSC: The Academies of Canada (2008).

Mark Williamson
Defence Research and Development Canada

Mark A. Williamson PhD is Deputy Director General of the Centre for Security Science (CSS) Defence Research and Development Canada which is responsible for making strategic investments in Public Security S&T.   This involves efforts to harness the intellectual capacity that exists across Canada’s federal science based departments and in creating linkages with industry, academia and the provinces and territories.   Previously he was Director of the CBRNE Research and Technology Initiative  which was initially set up  to strengthen Canada’s preparedness for, prevention of, and response to a CBRNE terrorist attack through new investments in science, research, and technology capacity. 

Mark has performed and managed S&T activities across the academic, industry and government sectors.  Throughout the 90’s he coordinated and led several multidisciplinary academic, industry and government initiatives that evaluated and assessed petroleum potential in Canada’s frontier basins.    Before joining DRDC, Mark managed a portfolio of  S&T programs within Natural Resources Canada including Natural Hazards, Climate Change, Marine Geoscience,  Environmental Geoscience  and Hydrogeology.

Director General
National Research Council Canada Industrial
Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP)

Tony has had extensive management experience in both the private and public sector.  Starting his working life as a quality control chemist for Fry-Cadbury’s in Dublin Ireland, he made the transition to sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry after his arrival in Canada, with experience in new product development.

Switching to the academic world, he has been both teacher and administrator in the community college system and university.  Tony has taught marketing, statistics, and organizational behaviour at both the college and university level.  He has held senior posts in both academic and support services such as admission and registration.

Tony holds a doctorate in administrative studies, focusing on organization theory and an MBA in Marketing, both from the University of Toronto, as well as a B.Sc. in Chemistry from University College Dublin, Ireland

Tony joined NRC-IRAP in 1998 and took over his position as the Regional Director for Ontario in 2001.  He has now been leading NRC-IRAP since September 2004.

Kevin Wennekes
Vice President, Research    

Kevin Wennekes, Vice President – Research, Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) is responsible for developing and executing “impact” research projects for the advancement of the technology industry and Canadian economic growth.
In his five years with CATA, Kevin has conducted over 30 different studies and personally published over a dozen research papers on topics including IT security, global sourcing and supply chains, developing a Canadian Brand, high performance computing, and procurement practices and reform.

Kevin is also CATA’s Canadian Executive Champion for China and responsible for developing and executing trade and investment opportunities in collaboration with CATA’s office in Shenzhen. Kevin has helped in the development and execution of Canadian Pavilions at the China International Optoelectonic Exhibition in Shenzhen and the PTExpo in Beijing, and been keynote speaker for Canadian receptions and panel discussions including most recently, in the great Hall of the People during the China International High-Tech Expo. 

Kevin has planned, coordinated, and executed numerous forums, focus groups, partnership development series, and strategy sessions on topics including technology’s impact in health care, lowering enrolment in university and college science technology programs, global supply chains, and addressing national skills shortages. Kevin has frequently participated as a panellist and keynote speaker on CATA research initiatives nationally and abroad.

Kevin has spearheaded the creation of various Canadian Pavilions at prestigious international events, which have been accomplished through the development and effective governance of solid private-public partnership models and practices.

Kevin sits on the following Boards and Committees:

  • CATAAlliance Board of Directors
  • Information Communication Technology Council
  • Canadian First Responder Technology Advisory Committee
  • Director, Canadian Association of Internet Providers

Kevin’s experience also includes: a partner position with an online survey and assessment firm; consultant in the organizational effectiveness practice for Watson Wyatt Worldwide; public relations and marketing specialist for Algonquin College; and media relations specialist for the National Museum of Science and Technology.
Kevin is a guest professor of Algonquin College’s Public Relations program’s Research course, involving three in-class seminars a year and assisting in the delivery of key research curriculum outcomes. He is also an alumnus of the program (Honours) and sits on the Alumni Executive Steering Committee.

His publicly available research publications include:

  • Canadian IT Security Professional Perspectives: A Report of Canadian Executive and Frontline IT Security Professionals on Their Information Sources, Security Challenges, and Career Advantages
  • Keeping Canadians Safe: A Technology, Research and Development, and Emergency Preparedness Situational Analysis of Canadian First Responders
  • Advantage Canada - Building a Global Sourcing Brand for Canada: report of the discussions, outcomes and actions resulting from the Ottawa Advantage Canada Summits in Ottawa and Halifax
  • Advancing Canada's Global Advantage Through International Talent - Identifying Hiring Trends, Challenges and Solutions for Accessing and Integrating Internationally Educated Professionals
  • Canadian Police Research Centre Research Priorities and Related Services for Canadian Industry – A Needs Analysis of Canada’s First Responder Vendor Community
  • SOURCING SUCCESS and the Canadian Advantage in a Global Competitive Environment – providing an Action Roadmap for Canada
  • Impacts of Free Trade on R&D Services in Canada – A survey of contract research organizations on the impacts of NAFTA and the implications for similar agreements under the General Agreement on Trade in Services under the World Trade Organization
  • Impacts of Outsourcing in Canada – a survey report published in partnership with EMERGENCE Canada
  • TechAction CEO, providing insights into high tech leadership and keys for success
  • High Performance Computing (HPC) in Canada: A Survey of the State of Canadian HPC Readiness and the Need for Highly Qualified People
  • Extending Enterprise Mobility – results of CATA’s Canadian NetWorker Trend Survey; released during NetworkWorld Conference and Expo
  • VendorAct – report supporting outreach program to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of IT services and infrastructure to government departments and agencies

Kevin has co-authored a book titled SUCCESS: How Canada's CEOs Create Global Competitive Success. The book, published in 2002, reveals the leadership skills and industry insights demonstrated by more than 100 of Canada's most influential CEOs as derived from personal one-on-one, in-depth interviews with them.



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